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Regulator flow curve generator

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Regulator selection is a primary consideration when designing your fluid system. Learn how the right regulator for your application can help increase safety while improving efficiency. We provide delegates with an understanding of the function of pressure regulators and the importance of correct selection whilst identifying associated performance issues that commonly occur and how to resolve these.

Core Objectives:
  • Overview of regulator types and basic functions
  • Theory of regulator function & basic operation
  • Explanation of terms such as droop, hysteresis and accumulation
  • Learn how to read a flow curve and set points on a flow curve
  • Understand Supply Pressure Effect
  • Regulator components: sensing clements, control elements and loading mechanism
  • Reducing droop: control range selection, external feedback - options and dome loaded regulators
  • Overview of tank blanketing regulator
  • Options for high-flow system
Assessment: Swagelok certificate upon successful completion of theoretical exam
Prerequisite: None
Duration: 12:30pm - 4:30pm
Maximum Class Size: 10
Location: Dates scheduled for Perth, classes can be organised for other locations upon request
Training Validity: 3 years
To register for this course please fill in the form below and email to
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