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Swagelok grab sample system

Swagelok is bringing new solutions to Grab Sampling — CONFIGURABLE. LOCAL. RELIABLE.

As more industries bring additional analytical equipment online, it becomes more imperative to have quality sample systems that can accurately capture the process for later analysis. Swagelok understands the complex need to have a reliable grab sample system that can be available across multiple sites and between site locations and still support specific application needs. As an industry expert with years of sampling expertise, it was fitting for the company to introduce a safe solution capable of being locally assembled.

Grab Sample SolutionsGMS Panel Standard Liquid

Swagelok Grab Sample Systems provide solutions to satisfy gas and liquid non-slurry sampling service in a consistent, reliable package. Two system types allow for capture into one of two types of containers — pressure‑containing metal cylinders as found in the Grab Sample Module (GSM) or non-pressure‑containing glass or polyethylene bottles as found in the Liquid Only Sampling Module (GSL).

Selecting System Type and Sample Container
The selection process is aided by the actual limitations of the sample containers themselves.

  • Sample Cylinder – the GSM system for samples with a vapor pressure above 14.7 PSIa (1.01 Bara) @ ambient conditions.
  • Bottle* Sampling – the GSL system for samples with a maximum vapor pressure of 14.7 PSIa (1.01 Bara) @ ambient conditions.

* Customers are encourage to purchase bottles from a local source as the GSL system is configured to accept generic types.

Grab Sample Modules (GSM - Liquid or Gas) Liquid-Only Sampling Systems (GSL)

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Swagelok has developed a number of standard grab sample panel designs for use in all types of plants and facilities where fluids are being processed. Your local Swagelok representative and Custom Solutions Engineer will work with you to determine which of these panel designs will best suit your sample system needs. 

The product selection matrix provides some common system criteria to help you narrow down a design choice. Need a customized panel, or have your own design? We can do that, too. Ask your Swagelok representative for details.

Grab Sample Support

Local Solutions, Global Support. Swagelok local engineers have completed a rigorous certification program and are able to Assess, Recommend and Configure a grab sample solution to meet your requirements through the life cycle of your system. Our expert engineers and technicians are trained to Assemble the panel to your specifications and ensure it passes strict Swagelok regulations. Swagelok also offers the capability to Train your team how to safely and effectively your new grab sample panel as well as other grab sampling systems.

Click  below to learn more about our Grab Sample Support.

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Working with Swagelok components through their global supply network also ensures a shorter lead time with guaranteed piece of mind in knowing your system is assembled with and by trusted resources. If you encounter any questions or issues with the system, know that help from your local Swagelok distributor is not too far away.
Watch this short 4 minute video to see how Swagelok can make Configurable, Local and Reliable Grab Sample Systems.

Ready to Learn More?

Contact your authorised Swagelok representative to schedule an appointment with our Custom Solutions team today for further information about our Grab Sample Systems. You can also download our interactive PDF to share and review Swagelok Grab Sample System options offline.