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COVID-19 Response

This page will be updated as the situation evolves so please continue to check back.

Last Updated: April 22nd, 2020

During this challenging time we remain committed to maintaining the flow of products and services and mitigating potential disruption to you and your business. We want to share with you an update on our current position and our ability to support you and your business.

As we are all aware, the COVID-19 pandemic is having an increasingly disruptive influence on our lives, communities and businesses. At Swagelok we share your concerns about its spread and impact and would like to reassure you that we are doing everything possible to continue to serve you. Many of you, our customers, perform a critically important role in support of all of us; we also know you are relying on Swagelok to supply the products that you need to continue to operate your business successfully.

We implemented home-working for the majority of our teams in early March and this went very smoothly, largely because of our existing IT infrastructure which is new and very robust. Our Perth and Adelaide offices have both remained open and we are still very much operational albeit we do not have the usual flow of people visiting us or attending training courses.

To support customers who have experienced disruptions to live training and certification programs for engineers, installers and designers, we have developed digital, virtual training classes which have proved to be extremely popular. Contact us if you want to find out more about what we are offering in this space.

Home based staff have full access to all internal business systems and they are processing enquiries, quotes and orders with minimal inconvenience. Inbound phone enquiries and emails are being processed internally or being directed to staff working remotely. We have a combination of customer service and technical support people in office and the same combination working from home.

Inevitably there will be occasions when our response is not as fast as you expect it should be or we have to get someone to call you back…please be patient with us if this happens and rest assured every person will be trying their very best to serve you.

Both our offices are manned five days a week 8am – 4:30pm and we are still receiving and distributing Swagelok products with minimal disruptions.

Swagelok Corporation (manufacturing) has a robust and rigorous supply chain program that includes long term raw material management and multiple sourcing that allows for a considerable degree of unplanned disruption but in the last week we have started to experience some extended deliveries from the US for certain non-standard products – this is something we are watching closely.

To date we have experienced no major interruptions to our inbound supply chain - all inbound shipments are shipped via a premium FEDEX service which is working well. This is the very best option available to us given the huge disruption to cargo shipments on passenger and commercial aircraft inbound to Australia from overseas. Our outbound shipments from our warehouses to you have so far continued to be reliable.

All Swagelok manufacturing plants globally are still fully operational, however, given the unprecedented nature and scale of the COVID-19 pandemic we do anticipate there could be some impact on the future supply chain and fulfilment challenges may eventually present themselves. In anticipation of this we have increased local stock holdings, placed additional orders for high moving items and established regional collaborative hubs across the Swagelok distribution network that establish cascading levels of inventory management and support.

We greatly appreciate your continued support; please know that we are committed to servicing you to the best of our abilities during these challenging times.

From all of us here at Swagelok we hope you and your families remain in good health and your businesses continue to operate successfully.

Allan Hughes

Managing Director