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Swagelok Western Australia

Your Authorised Swagelok Sales and Service Center

Tube Fitting Installation, Bending & Safety Training

Swagelok is a recognised global leader in training installers, supervisors, engineers, operators, and managers in the proper use and installation of fluid system components

Specialised Lunch & Learns

We are committed to providing you with relevant, up to date industry training in line with Swagelok’s values of customer focus and continuous improvement.

Swagelok Training

Valve Essentials Spotlight

Valve Essentials

Safety is a key consideration when selecting, maintaining, or replacing valves. Learn to choose the right valves for your applications

Training and Education

Work safer and smarter, and keep up with the latest fluid system technologies, with Swagelok's customer training and education programs.

Tube Fitting Installation, Bending and Safety Training

This comprehensive hands-on seminar is designed for engineers, installers and operators to ensure competency in tube fitting installation and function.

Verification and Inspection Training

This practical training seminar is designed for engineers, installers, supervisors and managers involved in the verification and inspection of tube fitting and threaded connections.

Specialised Lunch and Learns

Swagelok can tailor your Lunch & Learns program to suit you and your requirements. Topics include - Tube Fitting Fundamentals, Thread Identification, Swagelok Capabilities Overview, Regulators and Valve Selection.

Oil & Gas

Medium and High Pressure Cone and Thread Training

This practical training seminar is designed for engineers, installers and supervisors involved with installations and inspection of cone & thread connections.